Manchester and the President’s Message to Muslims


Darrell Castle talks about the Manchester bombing along with President Trump’s message delivered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s podcast. Today is Friday June 2, 2017 and on today’s podcast we will be discussing the recent terrorist bombing attack conducted against people attending a rock or pop concert in Manchester, England. The performer at the concert was Arianna Grande, apparently a huge American star who appeals primarily to early teen girls.

Salman Abedi, age 22, acting in the name of the religion of peace, strapped a bomb lined with nails to his chest and walked into the arena where thousands of people including many children were enjoying the concert and blew himself up. The explosion created instant carnage with 22 dead and over 100 wounded. Many of the wounded were critical and may have died since the last report of casualties.

There were many stories of families picking nails from the faces of their daughters after the blast. Nothing gets to people like attacking their children. As my pastor once said, “you’re only as happy as your saddest child.”

Mr. Abedi’s parents immigrated from Libya to the UK in the 1980’s to escape, they said, the repressive regime of Moramar Gaddafi . They settled in Manchester in a Libyan community that now numbers over 20,000 and had several children there including the bomber who was born in 1994. In 2011, after President Obama, along with the leaders of England and France, invaded Libya and killed Mr. Gaddafi, the Abedi’s returned to Libya but Salman then age 17 stayed in the UK with his younger brother Hashiin, and his older brother Ishmael. His sister Jomana returned to Libya with her parents.

Jomana, who works at a Mosque in Libya, said that her brother was kind and loving and she congratulated him on entering paradise. Apparently the Religion of Peace rewards the murder of children with entry into paradise for the murderer. To me, living in the West, this all seems twisted, sick, and demented but to adherents of the Religion of Peace, I suppose, it makes perfect since.

At the time of this recording, 14 people have been arrested as having been connected to the attack, including Salman’s younger brother Hashin who is being considered an accomplice, and his father in Libya who was described as a member of an Islamic extremist group. I remind you though, that killing unbelievers is not extreme in Islam, but is required by the Muslim Holy Book.

The purpose of terrorism after all is to create terror and what better way to terrify a population than to attack its children. What better way to deliver the message, you can’t even protect your most vulnerable from us and we will conquer you all in time. To me this indicates that the goals of multiculturalism and diversity are higher on the UK priority scale than their children.

The British media, especially the UK guardian, made much of the fact that Mr. Salman was born in Britain so immigration had nothing to do with it. The real enemy and the thing to be avoided at all costs, the media told us, is Islamaphobia, but does the fact that our bomber, Salman Abedi, was born in the UK make him a home grown terrorist. His father never left his extremist Islamic group even in Britain and the family didn’t assimilate to British life and in fact apparently hated the country that had taken in the parents. That is one of many problems with multiculturalism. It doesn’t create a “melting pot” but instead just moves a foreign culture from one place to another.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, did take action though. She sent armed soldiers into the streets to patrol near British monuments and tourist attractions while uttering the same bland phrases such as hope, peace, etc. Maybe she should consider sending some of the soldiers to the border as border security. That would be a change I could believe in.

In a population of about 65 million, the UK has a little over 3 million Muslims. Most of them live in England itself as opposed to Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. Who knows how many of those people have not assimilated and actually hate their host country. Still we have to keep the wheels of third world immigration turning to achieve the desired multicultural society.

The UK is gone I’m afraid. I don’t see how it can ever recover without a national commitment and without lots of blood and the will just isn’t there. So, UK good bye, France goodbye, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark goodbye to all it was nice to know you.

Interestingly when President Trump spoke to the NATO nations the other day and told them they would have to start paying their way Chancellor Markel of Germany said that Europe can no longer count on America. Well my answer to her would be an order as Commander in Chief to withdraw all 68,000 American troops from Germany immediately as well as cancel plans for the defensive missile shield except possibly for Poland and Hungary.

By the way, when you look at a heat map of Europe meaning a map that shows where all the terrorist attacks have occurred as red or “hotter”, the only countries that really stand out as containing no red are Poland and Hungary. These two former communist East Bloc countries admit no refugees or migrants despite unrelenting pressure from the EU and they have become the most Christian countries in Europe.

Europeans can no longer count on Europe either I guess.  At least the European people can no longer count on the politicians who rule over them to not destroy them and their countries. What a sickening mess. There’s no hope for Europe then, but what about the United States? Is it too late for the United States? I don’t think it is. Our future can still be changed but it will take courage and commitment.  In 2017 the United States has admitted legally about 46,500 refugees, 20% more in May than April.. How many are actually refugees? How many want to assimilate into American values? How many actually hate their host country? How many plan to harm Americans? No one seems to care enough to raise these questions let alone answer them.

While the attack was going on in Manchester England, President Trump left on his first foreign trip. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he spoke to every Muslim nation on earth except Iran. That’s right; every Muslim nation sent a representative  except Iran. The President seems to be reversing the Pro-Iranian stance of the Obama Administration. President Obama seemed to believe that if Iran was the cause of much of the war and terrorism from the Middle East war and terrorism could be ended or reduced by empowering Iran at the expense of other Muslim nations.

President trump is apparently taking the opposite approach. He wants an Arab Nato-style union to fight against ISIS and possibly Iran. He made a deal for the United States to sell them the most advanced weapons to accomplish the task. $350 billion dollars worth with $110 billion this year, but I suggest those weapons have another purpose as well.  I suppose his reasoning is that his Arab union can fight ISIS and Iran and we will supply weapons which will profit deep state arms companies thus satisfying them and also the globalist hawks at the same time while not risking American lives. American lives are at risk however, right now on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

It is also a recommitment to the Saudis that the old deal can continue. You know the one folks. You sell us oil, and act as our proxies, and we will ensure the survival of your regime. America will not allow the Saudi regime to fall so don’t worry Royal Family its business as usual.

He told the Muslims to “drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your communities, drive them out of your Holy Land, and drive them out of this earth.” He was of course referring to ISIS. I like his disdain for ISIS and his efforts to gain cooperation, but I personally hope that they are not driven here. The Muslims can do what they want with them as long as they don’t come here.

Therein lies the rub folks. I say leave them alone to solve their own problems. Protect American borders and be prepared to resist invasion once Europe is fully conquered. I don’t like the war drums from the Far East either. Japan and South Korea, both G-20 economies, should be allowed to handle backward North Korea themselves if they consider it a threat.

I know America cannot retreat and adopt isolationism. I would not consider that in this interconnected world, but I would secure America’s borders by whatever means prove necessary. Economics should give a deal maker like Mr. Trump the incentive to make deals with Canada and Mexico despite their far left leaders. His tariff on Canadian lumber was not a hopeful start.

So once again my counsel to the President would be; isn’t it past time we minded our own business and our own borders for awhile.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle

Thanks for listening.


  1. Now the Saudis can turn around and use these weapons on us when the desire.

  2. Thank you Darrell for your thoughts and support of our President. I believe President Trump is doing his best under very extreme circumstances. I do however believe that he is naïve to believe that those weapons will not be used against us. The strategy is right but we are dealing with a people that don’t have rules and will use anyone to deceive us into anything that will eventually lead us to our worst fears and demise. We have to support Israel. Send them the weapons and money. They have more experience than anyone on how to destroy this horrible enemy who are nothing short of cowards. They are out to harm and destroy all of us that do not follow their religious beliefs.

    • Just. Look at what the Iranians did in 1979 with the weapons we had been shipping to the Shah for 25 years. Revolution brings new attitudes and new friends/enemies.
      Thanks for listening Mary.

  3. Excellent analysis Darrell. And very prophetic, given Saturday’s events at London bridge. I know you tke no pleasure in it, but you were righg. Keep fighting the good fight. Common sense will prevail eventually. I’ll keep you and our nation in my prayers.

  4. Good message Mr. Castle.
    I would go beyond securing our borders which could be quickly and economically achieved if it weren’t for political correctness. Electronic motion detectors coupled with helicopter gunships are a formidable force.
    I believe EVERYONE unwilling to pledge an allegiance to our Constitution and to honor that pledge with their actions should be deported; to include the politicians supporting the monetary policy responsible for enslaving Americans under a combined public and private debt of over $100 trillion. Any government Act designed to diminish or destroy anyone’s ability to enjoy an unalienable Right is an unlawful Act. Those responsible for them and their perpetuation are criminals and since many Acts have been in support of the financial/industrial cartel seeking to establish a New World Order, the crimes amount to Treason. I pray for the day enough Americans unite to again make America a lawful rather than lawless nation.

  5. Middle east policy should be simply this. We do not give money or weapons to any country that is not a FULL democracy that recognizes all human rights. We do not take sides in their conflicts (Iraq vs Iran in the 80s for example…..that worked out well? ) Right now that leaves only Israel to support. Why can’t American politicians see that Democracy cannot be planted…it must be fought and paid for by those who want to live under it—at that point we can give aid just as France supported Americas bid for democracy.
    So its simple—–do not give money or aid to any government that is not a democracy. Doing so makes you a crutch of support for the very government that suppresses it’s own people and the people of that country despise you for strengthening their dictator.

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