100 Years of Communism and the Destruction of Moral Order


Darrell Castle talks about the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism and how it is still affecting our world today.

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Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, November 3, 2017, and on today’s report I will be talking about the 100th anniversary of the rise of communism and what it means for us today.  Most people place the date of the Russian Revolution as November 6, 1917 but some place it two weeks earlier, depending on which calendar is used.  Whichever calendar is used for the calculation, this week is the 100th anniversary for our purposes.

100 years ago this week, Vladimir Lenin and his followers rose in revolt against the Russian Czars and hundreds of years of government by a traditional inherited ruling class, who ruled a feudalistic society that was basically unchanged for centuries.  The Revolution was part of the destruction of the social order across Europe, fueled by World War l.  The old ruling classes were swept away along with the lives of an entire generation of young men.

Communism ended Czarist rule in Russia and replaced it with a new set of rulers who soon took on much of the characteristics of the old, except far worse.  The last 100 years have seen the deaths of over 100 million people as a direct result of the Russian Revolution, or about 1 million people per year.  Pogroms of genocide, the purging of various classes of people, execution of military officers and anyone else in leadership, intentional mass starvation numerous times, instigation of the great terrors against the Russian people, numerous times, as well as the destruction of the Russian economy, caused by the 40 year long cold war against the West; all these things and more can be held to the account of the communists.

As an economic system, communism has been a complete and utter failure wherever it has been tried but despite that it is still in vogue today, especially on college campuses.  It’s usually referred to as “socialism ‘ today, instead of Communism, but it’s the same idea.  You can find it doing its steady work in Venezuela and across the third world, but the disastrous results seemingly have no effect on American college professors.  Socialism captured American education many years ago and the results of that capture are what we are seeing on college campuses today.

Adherents to this philosophy, who currently refer to themselves as progressives, argue that the Communism of Stalinist Russia is, and was, different from their brand of Socialism, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might be a duck.  The socialists sometimes have trouble explaining the history of their movement but they are certain that if they just tinker with it a little, all the horrible deeds of Stalin will disappear and the mistakes will not be made this time.

Over and over I argue that what we are seeing today is the intentional destruction of Western Civilization, with all its benefits to mankind.  In order to destroy Western Civilization, it is necessary to destroy its foundation, which is Christianity, and the Christian moral and ethical code.  Those who seek our destruction, along with their encouragers in the media, politics, the corporate world, entertainment, and education, have done an excellent job of what they set out to do from the days of Lenin.  The destruction of faith in God has been the ultimate goal from the beginning.

Let me quote from the Communist Manifesto: “There are eternal truths, such as freedom, justice, etc., that are common to all states of society.  But communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”

So there you have it; religion is abolished, along with its 2000 years of history and the upward ascent of the individual.  History is abolished and all traces of it must be eradicated in order to prevent the young from knowing who they really are.  Statutes of historical figures are destroyed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and by their equivalents in cities across America.  When you destroy a people’s history, you destroy the memory of who they are and you deny that knowledge to their progeny.  Freedom and justice are, as the Manifesto said,  eternal truths and desired by all existing societies, but they must be abolished as well.

Napoleon Bonaparte said that writing the history is the greatest spoil of war.  We have been at war for many years and those on the side of Western Civilization and of freedom and justice are losing.  The Progressives are winning the war and now, in anticipation of ultimate victory, they are writing, or should I say, re-writing history, as well as eradicating the last vestiges of freedom and justice.  They are busy these days replacing 2000 years of upward progress due to Christian-inspired Western Civilization with Harvey Weinstein, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the like.

Progressives know what morality is, though, and they know where it comes from, for all they have to do today is pick up a copy of the New York Times or The Washington Post and they are instructed in what passes for ethics and morality so they can go about their destructive work.  Tomorrow, however, it may be different, so one must always be ready to adjust on the fly.   Media outlets such as print, television and most other sources dictate to us daily the prevailing new morality and rules that we must all follow or have our lives ruined.

George Washington is a racist and barred from the very church he attended.  Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and of course Christopher Columbus, are all racist white supremacists, who have absolutely nothing about them to be admired or followed.  These revisionists are the rightful heirs of Karl Marx, and as such, they have to busy themselves constructing an elaborate scheme of do’s and don’ts to account for the fact that they have nothing to construct a civilization around except a collection of rules pushed ever forward and carried out to their logical and absurd extreme.   There is no escape from their rules of political correctness.  We can run but we can’t hide.  Even history can’t hide from their prying eyes.

They now have rules to govern every aspect of our lives, including our bathrooms and who we must admit to them, as well as sexual behavior, speech, food, Halloween costumes, and even mathematics.  You probably think I’m kidding about the mathematics comment, but alas I am not.  A professor at an Illinois University has a book coming out in which she asserts that mathematics, chemistry, physics and such things are simply white privilege constructs.  These are the new rules of virtue coming from a philosophy and a people who started by trying to eradicate morality and religion, but now have constructed their own reality and their own morality and religion called “political correctness”, which they insist that all humanity adhere to.

When adherents stray from the new morality, or I should say, when their sanctimonious hypocrisy is pointed out and spread at the speed of light around the world by the internet, they even know how to repent.  For example, when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault on numerous women, sexual intimidation and exploitation of women whose careers were dependent on his power and control, and of forcible rape by at least six women, did he fall on his knees and beg God to forgive him, no, instead, he said that he was sorry, and as penance he would give money to fight the NRA and Donald Trump.

We all owe Harvey a debt of gratitude for what he did because he exposed the entire façade of lying hypocrisy that Hollywood and the left hides behind.  All their pretended morality and lecturing about immigrants and other protected groups that makes up the progressive Hollywood scene, along with their sycophants in the media and in Washington D.C. are now exposed for what they really are.

What about the rest of us?  We are deplorable and irredeemable, and we are hated.  Yes, there is no love your enemy concept in this new religion.  It is not based on love of mankind or anything else; instead, it is based on hatred of mankind.  Oh how they hate us with a passion only they can muster.  To them we are at best just a bunch of ignorant, toothless hillbillies. and at worst we are evil fascists and Nazis.

I’m afraid that this destruction and replacement of morality has so polarized American society that we now have such a divide that it can never be cured. The issues that divide and polarize us are about far more important concepts than ever before.  These concepts such as freedom and justice we simply cannot concede so we are divided, perhaps irreparably, because each side views them differently.

The Industrial Age and free market capitalism have lifted more people out of poverty, and extended more lives than any other development in human history, and their destruction will not be without consequences.  We should learn as a civilization from the boon to Europe caused by the collapse of Soviet Communism, not try to resurrect it by another name.

The final result of this entire Marxist thought process, this political correctness, these arcane ridiculous rules, this deconstructing of history, and the erasing of our past has been to induce a stupor and an unwillingness to rise up and fight for our civilization.  The unwillingness to fight to preserve Western Civilization is evidence of self-hatred and self-destructive tendencies that indicate a lack of understanding of what’s really at stake.

There are, however, signs coming from recent elections across the world that attitudes may be changing, at least a little.  People are starting to realize that appeasement only weakens you and strengthens your enemy.  This battle can still be won.  Victory can be snatched from the jaws of defeat if we keep fighting and come together to resist.

Finally folks, my prayer is that the American people will muster the courage to rise up and throw off the yoke of their oppressors and take their civilization back.

May God make it so.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


  1. Re. your statement that: “Over and over I argue that what we are seeing today is the intentional destruction of Western Civilization with all its benefits to mankind. In order to destroy Western Civilization it is necessary to destroy its foundation which is Christianity and the Christian moral and ethical code. Those who seek our destruction along with their encouragers in the media, politics, the corporate world, entertainment, and education have done an excellent job of what they set out to do from the days of Lenin. The destruction of faith in God has been the ultimate goal from the beginning.”

    But I believe it is important to understand that the long-term goal of the NWO elite is to facilitate a consolidation of world power in their hands. Communism has been a useful tool for the globalists to subvert liberty in the world. Communism takes the rap, while the globalists steadily seek to undermine world independence and national sovereignty by eventually replacing communist nations with their own brand of corporate capitalism, all under their control.

  2. Darrell: You nailed it ! Due to illness, you missed my Welcoming Speech at the Fall 2015 Constitution Party’s National Committee Meeting in Albuquerque where I addressed these very issues. I told the National Committee Members how, while I was working inside our federal government in the 1970s, I saw this very thing happening to the United States by those same evil people that took down the Christian nation of Russia and implemented the atheist-communist government called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and they are using pretty much the same tactics to do their evil deeds ! I left the government in 1979, figuring that I could fight it better from out here. Yes, my mouth does get me in trouble from time-to-time, but I would rather die fighting for my Liberty than to live one minute under their tyrannical rule ! You can view my speech at our CPNM website at:


    Or you can do a search for: Bob Bowen speech at Fall 2015

  3. well i always thought capitolism and communism and socialism were different forms of ideaolodgy (however u spell it)…lets face it capitolism down south has often been at the end of a gun (you go our way or the CIA will overthrow your government)…and we DO have forms of socialism like in Alaska where every resident of state gets a share of the oil revenue and obamacare (which i know business owners hate) but its a decent deal for self employed stiffs as myself.
    So lets get down to brass tacs…the REAL difference between communism and capitolism as they have been twisted comes down to race I believe thinking about antasia and her family being killed by the bolshevicks (which seem to be jews from my understanding) and today people of color embracing it as a way “to get their share” from the rich (usually whites)…
    in a perfect world of racial equality it would make sense but in a world where races are not equal in number and some cultures have multiple wives it just does not add up mathmatically.
    Perhaps if we had a technology like gorgan stare that was used in the mid east where they watched an area for a long time and then could go back in time with video to catch people who planted IEDs – if we had that nationwide it might help if everybody was a christian or a form of christianity it might help too
    But when you have a government that stands up and claps at the mexican president saying we should let illegals in and their answer to racial strife is to pull down confederate statues its a pretty clear bet that all forms of diplomacy have gone in the shitter and your government,media,and institutions of higher learning have sold you out….damm wish i had money i would move to an island somewhere and enjoy my remaining years

    • so whose propaganda are we getting now?….is it national in origin? racial? idealodgy?….i look at these sites like storm front and according to them, everyday mostly black people are committing crime and murdering white people while they say jews are in control of the media and hiding it….and then our goverment says confederate statues must come down and the T.V. says white cops are killing innocent blacks and arab terrorists are doing attacks….there is a huge disconnect between the mainstream media and the internet and both sides cannot be true they seem to be 180 degrees apart

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        one crazy idea i came up with…is it possible that the white seperatists and the muslim brotherhood MAY have a common fight? getting rid of the catholic church,all the left wing socialist communist trash,satanic leftist entertainment imdustry and maybe even much of the corrupt federal government? And then maybe helping to rebuild the mideast of the damage done by the wars so they could return to a vibrant land and maybe even take the black muslims with them
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        • another idea….to get fighting soldiers on your side (because in reality the people who control things only have money to control the force to make you bend to their will) offer the soldiers something other than 1s and 0s in a bank acount and a VA loan which they will always be paying on then taxes forever like a slave: offer them land which is theirs forever with no taxes or payments as long as they are will are willing to fight for it when the need arrises. There will be no police officers or federal agents to come on their land to tell them what kind of guns they can shoot or what kind of crops they can grow. They can perform additional duties for the party for things like a tractor or solar panels etc

  4. You know Darrell, I often wonder if some of the comments section are paid leftists attempting too ignoramusly to over do the rhetoric in tone and concept in an attempt to cloud the messages given. These thoughts you give are of great worth, and freedom, liberty (they are different), Christian values, and true conservative- our grand parents conservative type values- are what is needed. It’s the only thing that can steer the ship straight again. I remember after 9\11 the unity our country came together for. Despite the pain we came together. Now, we are polarized, and not even a 9/11 event could set us back. My only hope- the rising generation has something left to cling to to salvage of liberty. Thanks for your words. We get it. The non trolls.

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