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100 Years of Communism and the Destruction of Moral Order


Darrell Castle talks about the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism and how it is still affecting our world today.

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Sarah Palin vs The New York Times


Darrell Castle reports on the lawsuit filed by Sarah Palin against The New York Times for libel.

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The Life of the Party


Darrell Castle talks about the Constitution Party, his 2016 Presidential Campaign, and his vision of victory.


Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s pod cast. Today is Friday July 29, 2016 and on today’s podcast we are going to discuss the Constitution Party and where we go from here. Continue reading

Constitution Party 2016 National Convention


Darrell Castle discusses the convention and the Constitution Party’s 2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees.

The Democratic Socialism of Bernie Sanders


Darrell Castle talks about Socialism, Bernie Sanders, and the American economy.

Hillary Clinton – Prisoner or President?


Darrell Castle discusses the campaign of Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States as well as the FBI’s investigation of her.

The Trump Campaign


Darrell Castle discusses what the Trump campaign really means, and what we can learn from his campaign.

Is Hillary Clinton Inevitable?


Darrell Castle discusses recent scandals involving Hillary and Bill Clinton.   He asks the question, “Is Hillary Clinton as President inevitable?”

The Candidacy of Ted Cruz


Darrell Castle discusses the announcement by Senator Ted Cruz that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016.

The Rules Do Not Apply to Hillary


Darrell Castle talks about the latest Hillary Clinton scandal and what it means for her Presidential ambitions.

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