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What Global Empires Do


Darrell Castle discusses Trump vs Comey, the Trump – Russia investigation, and what it all means for America.


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Au Revoir France


Darrell Castle talks about why the 2017  presidential election in France was so important to Americans.


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Darrell Castle gives his thoughts on Brexit including the future of self government in the United States and the world.


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Twenty-Eight Pages


Darrell Castle discusses the twenty-eight pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission Report and how the relationship between the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia relate.

Islamic Terror – A Little History


Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the growing threat of terror, this time from an historical perspective.

When Madness Reigns


Darrell Castle discusses the recent terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium and some of the policies that allowed them to happen.

Breaking the Nuclear Balance


Darrell Castle talks about the re-starting of the nuclear arms race and offers some reasons why it is happening.

Mind Your Own Business


Darrell talks about the tendency of governments to involve themselves in the affairs of others and he offers his opinion on why they do it.

It’s Good News Week


Darrell Castle argues that despite the fact that the Anglo-Protestant heritage that held us together is gone, there is some good news out there somewhere.

The Destruction of Western Civilization: Rule By A Tiny Elite

CR-web-RulingElite-260pHello, this is Darrell Castle! Today, we are going to continue – and also conclude – our six-week-long discussion of Western Civilization: how it met with destruction, what that means for us today, and, if it is gone, what has replaced it?

What used to be known as European Civilization, or Western Civilization, was burned up in the fires of World Wars One and Two. It took World War Two to finally finish off the sovereignty of the Western World and deliver it into the hands of an “international ruling elite,” consisting of an entrenched group of politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, multinational corporations, including media giants and their executives, and probably many others. Unnoticed by most of the public, these insiders have taken control of the United States Government, which, in turn, controls the Western World, and even the non-Western World to some extent, with the money provided by the credit-based monetary system, and the debt that system allows the United States to incur. Continue reading

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