Who Are We Fighting?


Darrell Castle talks about the War on Terror, the rights of terrorists and poses the question — Why don’t we identify who we are fighting?


  1. Thank you for standing up for the Consitition and biblical values!

  2. John W. Stanis

    May 14, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    Hi Darrell, thank you for running for The POTUS. I believe your Heart and Soul is for God Law and We the People Liberty, Rights and Freedoms( Morals) for America. I pray that your candidacy will be accepted throughout the land to the people of faith and belief that God will give America another chance to do the right things for His People and Nation under God.

    We know that, the Office of The President is the highest position in the land. Therefore, Christians, America Patriots and the 911 Truth Movements would like your full support and authority to have the government Tell The Truth about the 911 False Flag Attacks in America. The aftermath from the attacks have many unanswered Questions and Issues that concerns all True Americans with the feeling of being terrorized daily from our government actions(TSA, DHS, FEMA and JMTF) and the juridical branch that violate our Unalienable Rights.

    America PTSD will not go away until the full truth of 911 Attacks is disclosed
    fully to the People. Many, experts and professional in the fields of aviation and engineering personnel believe that No Aircraft could possibly been used in the attacks because of Aerodynamics Properties and Material Properties that defy the element principles to cause this magnitude of destruction by Aluminum and steel concrete structures. And, could not have been done without the use of detonation devises planted in the Twin Towers and the US Pentagon buildings.

    I would like you to take the time to listen and watch this video clip on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdE1Cwnymzc . . . this clip explain the 911 Perpetrators and Traitors Capital Crimes and Corruption for the 911 Attacks against Americans.

    Mr. John W. Stanis, MSO NM, Pilot Advocate for the Missing Flt. Passengers and Flt. Crew Members

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