War of Values


Darrell Castle discusses the recent election in the United Kingdom as well as recent acts of terrorism there and the lack of response to those acts.



Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s pod cast. Today is Friday June 16, 2017 and on today’s pod cast we will primarily be discussing the recent elections in the UK as well as acts of terrorism in the old world. There are many things we could be discussing as the world lurches from one disaster to another such as the recent shooting of four people by a former member of Bernie Sanders’ campaign team. When left wing propaganda sites spew out their rhetoric 24/7 because they will not respect the will of the people and when left wing politicians themselves refuse to rebuke assassination parodies, etc and when their rhetoric as well as their actions is a continual incitement to violence perhaps it’s because they want someone to act on their words, and this time someone did.

Today however, we turn our attention to the recent election in the UK in which the Conservative Party under Theresa May received 48’9% of the vote compared to the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn which received 40.3%. This was a disaster for Ms. May and her Party which will now have to accept a coalition partner with which it only partially agrees in order to achieve a majority and thus be able to govern under British Parliamentary rules.

The British system is different from ours in that there’s no President and no Senate, only a House with the Speaker of the House running things as Prime Minister, and other House members are in his cabinet. There are 650 seats in the British parliament so it takes 326 seats to achieve a majority. That has to be achieved by one party or by a coalition of parties which can then go to the Queen to formalize a new government.

Before the election the Conservatives held a majority of six or 331 seats. They lost 12 so they have 3 19 and the Prime Minister had to go to the Irish Union Party for ten votes giving them a 4 vote majority. The Irish Unionists make up those who originally favored Union with Great Britain in the long struggle between the two countries.  They are pro EU and want a “soft Brexit” which means still in the EU economic zone with EU open border rules which will give migrants a clear back door into Britain.

This is all the result of Ms. May’s apparent political mistakes in calling for the snap election in the first place and of her reaction to recent terrorist attacks especially.  She was appointed after the resignation of David Cameron who resigned because he opposed Brexit, and she wanted to be elected to shore up her bargaining position with the EU bureaucrats.

There have been 3 fatal terrorist attacks in Britain in the last 3 months. The first at Westminster Bridge left 5 dead, the second at the Arianna Grande concert left 22 dead and the most recent at London Bridge left 8 dead for a total of 35. The London Bridge attack was a truck into a crowd of people and then 3 Muslims jump out with knives and start stabbing people. There were reports of a young woman being stabbed 12 to 15 times while begging for help. There was no help because the British people are unarmed in the face of this invading enemy. Finally one lone and very brave but also unarmed police officer tried to intervene with his baton and he was hospitalized in critical condition for his trouble.

The politicians all said nice things about him and gave him a medal but a hand gun with proper training could have saved a lot of lives. The tepid reaction from Ms. May probably cost her Party its majority. All she has are words, no real action to combat the attackers, just words i.e. enough are enough, but we can’t abandon our human rights to hunt these terrorists oh but her most important idea is regulation of the internet. Regulation of the Internet is supposed to control terrorist communications.  There seems to be no concept of Brittan in mortal danger with the enemy inside the gates. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, that’s right folks, the Mayor of London is a Muslim, announced that anyone who tried to connect these attacks to Islam was subject to arrest for hate crimes. The politicians all seem to agree that the real enemy to be defeated at all costs is Islamaphobia.

In the meantime the leader of the Labour Party is once again an important man in Britain. Jeremy Corbyn had been discredited and asked to resign by his own Party. He is a communist and a terrorist sympathizer and supporter. He is reported to support and associate with members of the Hamas terrorist organization. His 40.3% in the polls can be attributed to 2/3 of those 18 to 34 who voted for him. This is civilization surrender on a high level. Surrender of the old country, the mother country, to a bunch of barbarian savages.  My use of the term barbarian savages is more appropriate than the word insane, or the usual extremist.

They are not insane unless you think that believing that your god wants you to slaughter women and children as a way to get to paradise so he can reward you for your mass murder with 72 virgins is insane. Strange god indeed is this Allah.

Europe seems to  struggle with its problems and then those European problems end up on American doorsteps, and I suspect this problem will be no different. The Nazis rampaged across Europe until finally as Churchill put it, “the new world came to the aid of the old.” The difference is that the British people had the will to resist. German planes by the thousands bombed London and other English cities every night for months on end; still the English did not give up. When the tide was turned and the Luftwaffe was at bay the British and Americans bombed Germany around the clock for years reducing their cities to rubble and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. They fought on no matter what it cost until victory was achieved and civilization could continue. People will usually do whatever it takes to ensure survival but perhaps not this time.

Today, they invite the enemy in by the thousands and make it illegal to even criticize him. Ms. May estimated that there are approximately 23,500 hundred Jihadis in the UK. It takes about 4 intelligence officers to watch each one and that is obviously impossible so they just let them wonder around planning their next attack.

That brings us to the War of Values that I mentioned in the title of today’s pod cast. The British people by their elections and immigration policies apparently spend a lot of time planning for the destruction of their civilization. Instead of resisting as they did the Nazis, they invite the enemy into their country, give them welfare and elect a few to public office. The birth rate in Britain has declined below replacement for the British people but not for the Muslims among them. The death rate from terrorism continues to rise. Inviting people who want to kill your children when your birth rate is below replacement is perhaps not such a good idea.

Instead of border security, instead of rounding up Jihadis and killing, imprisoning, or deporting them Ms. May just sends soldiers into the streets so tourists and shoppers will feel a little safer. Ms. May wants to regulate the Internet to prevent terrorist communication so once again the answer is to destroy the liberty of your own rather than attack the enemy.

Well I predict that little by little the terrorist wolves will become more and more emboldened by their success and by the lack of response from their victims. More and more of the helpless sheep will be killed and maimed until British society breaks down or until the wolves become numerous enough for total war or until the British people grow sick of appeasement and decide to stand up.

Finally, to conclude this pod cast I want to mention the high rise fire in London in which as of this recording the death toll is over 100. I invite you to go to any article reporting on it and read the comments. They are full of Muslim and African names expressing joy that the British people are finally getting what they deserve. Since Britain stole everything from the third world they don’t deserve a civilized society like London used to be. By their admission these are people living in Britain who hate and want to destroy their host country.

It is not for me to give advice to the British people but if it were I would advise them to remember their ancestors, get off their knees and prepare for war or their country will be just another third world hell hole.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


  1. Darrel:
    The following is something I posted following the attempted assassination of members of Congress at a baseball practice. I find it uniquely fascinating that the shooting took place at a baseball field given the old saw “As American as the Flag, Baseball, and Apple Pie.”

    “I have tried very hard to restrain myself from political commentary. I have resorted to relying on divine assistance since I simply cannot manage that task on my own.
    Yet, today with the culmination (to date) of so much turmoil in the world I sense no personal nor even spiritual restrain.
    Hate is rampant throughout the world. Men and women are without natural affection. It seems that on every hand Satan has led us beyond simply being “lovers of self rather than of God.” In a broader scope we appear to not even be lovers of ourselves (which is the natural and sure consequential next step after becoming lovers of self). Once the adversary of our lives leads us steadily down to Hell (being separated from God) he then leads us to despise others, and then to hate ourselves. His eternal purpose is to lead us away from the Love of God, which is the love of all things which are pure and holy.
    This morning, following the wake of spiritual death from a thousand similar cuts to the backbone of human society, was the consummate example of such hatred that a man sought to kill several others…well knowing that his own life would be taken also. His outcome was foreseen, predicted, desired and cheered by mankind’s common enemy.
    The solution is not in man-made laws restricting or tolerating broad excusable willfulness. Laws restricting access to using any instrument for evil will not change the irredeemable course we are on.
    Circumstances are beyond the reach of human reason, logic and laws. The only, ONLY, course correction left available to us is open and genuine returning to worship of God. Every other road inevitably leads to a deepening of chaos…for which the Devil laugheth.”

    • Amen brother. Well said.

    • Our countries have all but walked away from Jesus and the real living God. They are turning their hearts and not listening to the Holy Spirit. We need to start praying everyday as a nation or as a few that the real Living God, the Great I Am, will lead us … period. Your podcast nailed it!

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