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Darrell Castle talks about the Constitution Party, his 2016 Presidential Campaign, and his vision of victory.


Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s pod cast. Today is Friday July 29, 2016 and on today’s podcast we are going to discuss the Constitution Party and where we go from here.

In many ways the Constitution Party is a mirror of America which was founded by people with a youthful, energetic, attitude. Those were people who left stagnant and oppressive Europe to create a life for themselves in a new world. They wanted to be free to choose their own pursuit of happiness. That freedom allowed them to carve a nation out of a wilderness, a nation based on principles that allowed the most prosperity for the most people in history.

Today, America doesn’t seem so young anymore. We seem older, more fearful, less willing to explore, to risk danger. Even the young are frightened of the future which seems to hold grim economic realities for them. There is an attitude of pessimism rather than optimism and that is very un-American. We as Americans have always been optimistic, especially about our children’s future which we always have expected to be brighter than our own but now a majority of parents say they don’t expect their children to do as well economically as they have done.

What has caused this change of attitude in America?

The comparison of America’s founding with that of the Constitution Party may seem like a stretch but there are many similarities. When Howard Phillips wanted to start a new political party he did it because life in the Republican Party was stagnant and oppressive for him. He recruited the rest of us and we launched the Party with a youthful belief that we would prevail and eventually supplant the Republican Party.

Today, however, many of us in the Constitution Party don’t seem so young anymore. I’m not just talking about those who are no longer young in age, but I also mean those who are no longer young at heart. There are 25 year olds with old attitudes toward life. They seem unexcited about being alive and unexcited about the future and there are plenty of 85 year olds who look at each day as an exciting gift from God.

In terms of the constitution Party then, what is the difference. I submit that the difference is a vision of victory. When we started the Party we all believed that success was possible so we committed our lives to the project. We all worked hard, we gave our money, we raised money, and we recruited new members. Now it seems that we have lost that vision of victory that we originally had. In other words, many of us no longer believe that victory is possible.

Howard used to tell us that “to achieve victory, first you must seek it.” Today I think some of us have lost sight of the belief that victory is something we are seeking. When that happens people just go through the motions of what they are required to do without any real enthusiasm or effort. The audiences that I speak to sometimes remind me of some churches I’ve been in where the members have been in the service of the church so long they just want to sit and let someone else do it.

The irony is that this election cycle presents us with the greatest opportunity in the history of the Constitution Party and perhaps in history period. The Democrats and Republicans have handed us the chance we’ve been waiting on for 24 years. There are so many dis-satisfied people that many people who previously would not give us the time of day are coming our way.

People sense that something is desperately wrong in this country. Perhaps they understand that they may be living in the declining empire era of American history. If you use ancient Rome as an example you should be able to see the pattern. Rome started as a monarchy and evolved into a Republic just as America did. After many years the Roman Republic degenerated to the point where strong Caesars took control and the Republic became an empire. Some might say that has happened in America as well. The Roman Empire flourished for a while and then began to decay due to poor leadership which debased the currency and misused the army. Eventually the decadence and decay led to the fall of Rome and conquest by barbarian tribes.

Sound familiar?

The point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can save the Republic if we all work together but it will take all of us.

The growing enthusiasm for this campaign is being fueled by those who previously supported the campaign of Ted Cruz and who still would if he were in the race. I believe they see similar positions in me and in Senator Cruz. Together with some libertarians who once supported Austin Peterson they have energized and fueled this campaign with a youthful energy that I was afraid had been lost.

These people have convinced me that we can actually win and they have shown me the vision of how it can be done. Notice I said we because I can’t do it. I can’t do it, but together we can win. If we don’t win the election we can build a conservative coalition that will be a permanent force in American politics.

Right now ballot access in sufficient states hangs in the balance. I need all those Constitution Party people who have thus far done nothing to help to come out and help us. We need your money and your time. Many say they can’t give anything but everyone can give something and everyone can get a few signatures. Just do what you can to help those of us trying to save the Republic.

Finally folks, we can have a truly 10th Amendment presidency if we all work together. That would be a sweet day of freedom in America whether it comes in this election or the next. Get the vision of victory that many of us have and help us before it’s too late. Don’t squander this opportunity to make this Party a national force.

I offer my deepest gratitude to all those Cruzers, Libertarians and Paulers who are carrying us on your backs. You have been faithful with money, time, and talent. I appreciate you more than words can say.


At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening


  1. You are still unknown to all but a few dozen voters here in Arizona, in spite of the fact that there are many voters here who espouse the principles of the US Constitution (or most of them, at least). Scott Bradley and Paul Skousen gave excellent speeches in Mesa, AZ 2 weeks ago, to an audience of only about 35 people. Granted, fear of Hillary accounts for probably most Constitution-minded voters focusing solely on Donald Trump. But somehow you have got to get yourself into the lime light here.

  2. You need to get your name out by going on some shows like the blaze. if you truly believe in the constitution and limited government you will be treated fairly. I am not willing to vote for either party candidate and would welcome a different alternative. They have a very large following of true conservatives that are desperately looking for another option. At least call glenn beck and have a conversation with him so he knows who you are.

  3. It might be helpful if the link to Darrel Castle’s Podcast had a more prominent position on the main Constitution Party website with more viability so that people could immediately access Mr. Castle’s weekly addresses! I also think that most Americans are looking for optimistic REALITY BASED leadership in this country who can offer practical solutions… not just the same apocalyptic gloom-and-doom messages coming out of the Republican Party or the illogical warm-and-fuzzy messages coming out of the Democratic Party. As they say,, “the truth is usually somewhere in the middle” and most Americans want leaders we can rely upon to tell us the TRUTH! I think Mr. Castle needs to step out in faith and lead without fear of alienating potential supporters… This takes courage… The funds will find you, if you believe in yourself and the message!

    • Shortly after the CP convention I have read that a Patty Culhane, a White House Correspondent, wrote that “Castle gave me an interview and he admitted that he does not have the slightest chance of winning, but he said you can lose an election and still win something. He said he would have an effective candidacy if he can grow his party and spread their message.” I think that’s about as realistic as we should expect. But he needs our help to spread that message, especially among younger people.

  4. David Ferreira Gregory

    August 1, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Thank you Darrell Castle for ALL your trying to do with trying to become a nominee for president. I will either vote for you this election or my man: Ted Cruz as a write in.

    • To David and those considering writing-in Ted Cruz in the Presidential Election: educate yourself on the write-in process. Like you, I was considering writing-in Ted Cruz. I did some online research only to discover that my write in VOTE WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS the name I write in has filed the appropriate paperwork declaring their candidacy in every state in which they intend to run for office. Researching the names of those who had submitted applications is how I discovered Darrell Castle. The more research I do the more questions I have. For instance, since the President is chosen ultimately by the electoral college, does a write-in candidate belong to a political party which has its own electorates ready to serve?

    • Ted Cruz is NOT eligible for President since his is not a “natural born” US citizen, and he KNOWS it! He was born in Canada with Canadian citizenship at birth, which foreign citizenship he retained until a few years ago. He also was born to a father with Cuban, ie. foreign, citizenship who later acquired Canadian citizenship and only MUCH later (35 years after his son Ted was born) acquired US citizenship. He was born with triple citizenship (Canadian, Cuban and US) with allegiance to two foreign nations, and his ordinary US citizenship was only acquired, if it was acquired at all, through Congressional naturalization law, and NOT naturally and automatically upon his birth. Only those born on US soil to two US citizen parents are “natural born citizens”. This hypocritical Constitutional expert is a Traitor to the Constitution that he swore an oath to support and defend. So why would you still consider supporting him. Traitor Ted has played you and much of the nation. If you continue to support him you are arguably abetting his Treason.

  5. Daryl W. Peterson

    August 1, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    Sorry but this is a little bit of constructive criticism. It might be necessary to speak extemporaneously rather than read it makes it more personable and more exciting and excitement is what you talked about and how you feel today been lost unfortunately I feel the same way as I listened.
    Please don’t get me wrong I am in a hundred percent agreement that the only thing that will save this country is a return to the Constitution. I served in the United States Army, I trained at Fort Huachuca Arizona and went to Korea to the DMZ. I came back to Fort Huachuca Arizona and help train others who eventually went to Panama and other places around the globe. My MOS was 96 Romeo, we trained near Yuma Arizona catching people coming across the border with equipment ground surveillance radar. When I joined the military I took that oath to defend the Constitution and I took that very serious. I went to Korea and was stationed On the Border seeing their signs and heard the loudspeakers promising us the same things the Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have supported. I came home and begin to notice the same messages from our leaders. I found it the leaders were leaving us in the wrong direction. Only in the last few days have I even learned of the existence of the Constitutional party. So I am beginning the process of learning what you stand for and to see if I may be of any use.

    • I agree. He needs to put some umph into it. I hope he reads these comments. I will vote for him. I am a Democrat. I vote in the primaries as a Democrat but usually vote for someone else at the main election. I’m needed as a Democrat because I can help to get someone who doesn’t kiss up to the Commandment breaking groups. You know, if enough people who don’t like the Hillary’s of this would would be Democrats, we could change the platform. We are allowed to change it.

  6. In Ohio, support is growing quickly. My small group gathered 473 signatures last week for ballot access and we are still working on more. This will succeed! Have faith that God can do amazing things. Then be willing to be His hands and feet and DO something to help.

    • I live in Ohio and would like the option of voting for Darrell Castle… Please let me know how I can add my signature. Thanks

  7. James J. Waltrip

    August 2, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    I’d like to hear a bit more about Angela Merkel being Hitler’s secret daughter.

  8. This is someone I believe I can vote for with a clear heart and mind. I’m not sure just yet if I will but I’m truly looking into this Candidate. I get that it is a long shot, but it seems like to me if God can raise up people like Jospeh from the Scripture, he can raise up someone like Darrell Castle. I will be praying for you.

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