The Candidacy of Ted Cruz


Darrell Castle discusses the announcement by Senator Ted Cruz that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016.


  1. He likes a Flat Tax.
    He generally supports trade deals
    He Wants to ramp up the war against ISIS
    He thinks Obama is too lenient on Iran and too tough on Israel
    He has also called for term limits for members of Congress.
    And wants to increase H-1B visa cap by %500 !

  2. I’m wondering, if he is so in favor of the Constitution, why does he not concede that he is not a natural-born citizen as the Framers understood the term? If he did so, and put his support behind a Constitutionist whose constitutional qualification is unimpeachable, would that not be the mark of a true statesman? Would not solving the issue of “natural-born” via an amendment to the Constitution stating that either parent’s citizenship counted or it must be both parents be the answer to future questions? Would not upholding the law in the meantime be the higher road?

    • Hi Karen: He does not concede that he is not natural born. He contends that his case is no different than John McCain’s who was born in the Panama Canal Zone while his father was serving there with the US Navy. He was born to a US citizen mother therefore he is a citizen, and the fact that he was born while his parents were working abroad does not eliminate him and is irrelevant as he sees it. Besides, the allure of power is not something you just give up when you’ve spent your entire working life striving for it.

  3. Anyone who wishes to know all the facts about the Ted Cruz Constitutional eligibility issue is invited to join this Facebook group…

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