bob_corker_in_franklinSenator Bob Corker gave a recent speech in his hometown of Chattanooga about the financial future of America. His speech was to the Better Business Bureau, and the Kingsport Times News quoted him as saying he is “very concerned” that the United States could end up like Greece “if we don’t deal with this soon.”

He was also quoted as saying that the “greatest threat we have” is government not being honest about the nation’s financial affairs, the national debt and politicians continuing to try to give citizens everything they want.

The senator went on to say that he understood, but admitted later that the lack of applause at the end “makes me really nervous.”

I have a few comments about the senator’s speech and a few suggestions. I applaud your recognition of the grave financial catastrophe faced by the United States. I will take issue  with your opinion that lack of honesty is our greatest threat. The federal government, of which you are now a part, is not and never has been honest. Why would a federal representative choose this crisis to deal with honestly? Still, we have survived generations of dishonest politicians.

I suggest instead that our biggest threat is the dishonest, usurious, debt based, fiat money system created by the Federal Reserve. It is the unlimited money in the form of credit created by the Fed that has brought the nation to the brink of ruin. Why then do you not support Congressman Paul’s bill to audit the Fed? Why do you instead support your friend Chris Dodd’s efforts to gut, i.e. render ineffective, Congressman Paul’s bill?

I admit that asking the Fed to account for how it spent trillions of our dollars is a bit cheeky of us. Even more cheeky is our request that the Fed tell us what it did with our gold.

Why do you support the things that lead to fiscal ruin such as wars in foreign countries and budgets with $1.6 trillion deficits? Why not be a champion for the people you represent instead of the banks? Lead us back to fiscal sanity, Senator. Vote to audit the Fed and be active to support the audit. End the wars, secure the borders, balance the budget.

Do any of those things Senator, never mind all, and I will be the first to stand and applaud.

Finally, I suggest a debate between you and Congressman Paul to be conducted at Vanderbilt University in the near future. The subject would be The Federal Reserve – Good or Bad For The American People? I would be glad to moderate the debate or I’m sure Vanderbilt could supply a moderator. If Congressman Paul is unable to do it, which I doubt, then I would be happy to fill in for him.

How about it, Senator? There’s very little time left as you well know.

– Darrell Castle