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Darrell Castle presents how the RAISE ACT would change American immigration policy.

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U.S. Foreign Policy: Invade All-Invite All


Darrell Castle discusses the effects of the United States’ policy of invading Muslim countries, then inviting Islamic refugees to immigrate to the U.S. Recorded at the Constitution Party National Committee Meeting, December 9, 2016, Huntsville, Alabama.

Dispossessed Of Our Birthright


Darrell Castle continues his discussion of human migration with an emphasis on causes and results, and the dispossession of our American birthright.

American Coup – Part 2


In American Coup – part two: Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the President’s recent speech on immigration and amnesty.

Immigration Plus Unemployment Equals Riots


Darrell Castle talks about the riots in Sweden that have been going on for a week fueled by unemployed immigrant youth.

Senator Corker “Really Nervous” from Audience Silence at Chattanooga Speech

bob_corker_in_franklinSenator Bob Corker gave a recent speech in his hometown of Chattanooga about the financial future of America. His speech was to the Better Business Bureau, and the Kingsport Times News quoted him as saying he is “very concerned” that the United States could end up like Greece “if we don’t deal with this soon.”

He was also quoted as saying that the “greatest threat we have” is government not being honest about the nation’s financial affairs, the national debt and politicians continuing to try to give citizens everything they want.

The senator went on to say that he understood, but admitted later that the lack of applause at the end “makes me really nervous.” Continue reading

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