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Meet The FED’s New Boss


Darrell Castle talks about the new Federal Reserve Chairman recently appointed by President Trump.

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A Case For Ending The Federal Reserve


Darrell Castle explains his reasons why the United States should end the Federal Reserve’s control of the United States’ monetary system.

End the Fed

CR-web-EndTheFedI have said that if I were elected, two of the first things on my agenda would be getting the United States out of the United Nations and ending the Federal Reserve. Why do I believe so strongly that the United States should end the Federal Reserve’s control of the monetary system?

First a little background. Currently any money that is created comes into existence as debt. The United States government goes into more debt when it gets dollars from the Federal Reserve or individual Americans go into more debt when they take out loans from individual banks.

If the U.S. decides it needs more dollars it can’t just start up the printing press and print them. It has to ask the Federal Reserve for the dollars. The Federal Reserve as you hopefully know, is a privately owned central bank that has been granted authority by the U.S. congress to issue dollars, set interest rates, and “run the United States economy.” All U.S. government debt is created through the Federal Reserve System. Continue reading

State Banks

Part of the solution to America’s Economic Problems?

Bank200pVirtually every problem that we face in America can be traced back to our current monetary system, set up in 1913 with the passage of the 16th Amendment and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. It has been over 100 years of chaos, war, depression, recession, and boom/bust economics. That is because the United States Congress surrendered its constitutionally-mandated authority over America’s monetary system to a cartel of bankers, who formed a central bank called the Federal Reserve (the FED). This bank is the central bank of the U.S., and since the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it is has become the de-facto central bank of the world.


Central banks exist to create money and loan it to governments at interest. They also set banking rules within the banking industry and with the manipulation of those rules they can control a nation’s economic success or failure. The point is that the FED creates money from nothing on its computers and loans it out at interest. Continue reading

Where Is The Depression?


Darrell Castle talks about the U.S. economy and looks at today compared to the 1930’s Great Depression.

How the Republic Became a Monarchy

Republic2Monarchy_articleFROM JEFFERSON TO WILSON

How did the United States change from the republic envisioned by the framers into a monarchy with its royal court that it has become today? I started thinking about this when I was analyzing the State of the Union speech given by President Barack Obama recently and I decided to go back and look at State of the Union speeches given in the past. What I found was that Thomas Jefferson, when he became President, decided not to give a State of the Union speech at all because he thought that walking out in front of a joint session of Congress reminded him of the British monarchy that the country had gone through a war to be rid of. Instead of a speech, he wrote a letter to Congress, intentionally vague, so that it wouldn’t seem like a royal decree and then he had a clerk read it out loud to the Congressmen and Senators.

The Constitution doesn’t require a speech. Article II, Section 3, says only that from time to time the President is required to give Congress information of the State of the Union and to recommend things for their consideration. That’s all that it requires. Jefferson’s example became a tradition that was carried on until it was broken by Woodrow Wilson in 1913. The 20th century, in many ways, became Wilson’s century as he brought into existence much of what we see today. In the very least he laid the groundwork of what we have become today. Continue reading

How The Republic Became A Monarchy – Part 2


Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the income tax and the Federal Reserve.

Happy 100th Fed – And Goodbye


Darrell Castle talks about the Federal Reserve in the last week of its 100th year.

The Federal Reserve – 100 Years


Darrell Castle talks about the Federal Reserve on its 100th anniversary and discusses how well its done its job.

Senator Corker “Really Nervous” from Audience Silence at Chattanooga Speech

bob_corker_in_franklinSenator Bob Corker gave a recent speech in his hometown of Chattanooga about the financial future of America. His speech was to the Better Business Bureau, and the Kingsport Times News quoted him as saying he is “very concerned” that the United States could end up like Greece “if we don’t deal with this soon.”

He was also quoted as saying that the “greatest threat we have” is government not being honest about the nation’s financial affairs, the national debt and politicians continuing to try to give citizens everything they want.

The senator went on to say that he understood, but admitted later that the lack of applause at the end “makes me really nervous.” Continue reading

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