NIRP – Negative Interest Rate Policy Is Coming


Darrell Castle talks about the impact of the negative interest rate and the failure of the central bank managed economy.


  1. Well done! A breath of fresh air in the political stench that permeates our media!
    You should be in the debates! America needs to hear a real constitutionist discuss the issues!

  2. A rare voice of truth, wisdom and honor in a land drowning in the din of confusion and frantic desperation. It seems God is merciful to always provide a voice or two crying out in the wilderness to show us the way, whether we heed that voice of not.

    Whatever the outcome may be in America, we won’t have God to blame. We alone are to blame for placing our confidence in men, their money and their political power; for pushing every button and pulling every lever, but never entering into the rest of simply and quietly trusting in the Lord enough to just do what He says is right and leaving the results to Him.

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