King Obama


Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s most recent executive orders and makes the case that they have no basis in law and are unconstitutional.

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  1. Ea1 Steven Walker USN Ret

    February 24, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Apparently, the “King” does not need the Congress and expects them to be nothing more than “Yes Men” for his legislative commands. All he needs is his court of Czars to carry out his tyrannical dictates.
    I don’t understand why the conservatives in Congress don’t begin impeachment procedures unless they fear for their positions, their own lives or their families’ lives.
    A recent conversation with Congressman Buschon, (R) IN 8th Dist., revealed that he is not concerned with impeachment, believing that Obama is just a misguided and mistaken president making bad choices.

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