The Real State of the Union – Part III – Education


Darrell Castle talks about the state of American education as it applies to the “School to Prison Pipeline”.

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  1. Hello Neighbors,

    I have been listening to so many people’s opinions for the last few months, it is making me sick. I mean literally ill. That is exactly what the government want’s to happen to you and I. Dividing us on all opinions, on all fronts, on all things that may unite us ! As I listened to today’s podcast it dawned on me,
    really heavy, like a weight…Education is a major if not the only way for us to unite. The uniting forces that bind us, our history, our morals, our victories and our defeats are to be taught to our children. The main tenet of our defeat from within was planned and is being carried on by local officials to, destroy the learning process of our children. If you, whoever you are, send your children to public education you are feeding them to a insatiable monster. You and I will continue to pay for this but that is chump change to the
    price our children will pay. God designed us a step above the creatures, don’t blame this on the water. The answer is we are COWARDS! Truth and the right solution is on our side.
    Stand Up !

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