Is Vladimir Putin a Christian?


Darrell Castle discusses whether or not Vladimir Putin’s words and deeds indicate that he is a Christian.


  1. I was and am overjoyed to have heard this commentary on Mr. Vladimir Putin ! I have observed much of what you’ve mentioned here, Darrell – I especially appreciated your reference to the fact that Paul, the Apostle, was actively persecuting Christians and yet became the great Apostle ! I intend to share this far and wide. Certainly, his recognition of the decadence of the West and his call for Russians to return to their Christian roots and heritage is so admirable and his courage in proclaiming the Christian faith is very great – a great risk to anyone. I do keep him in my prayers – his personal faith is surely between him and God, as you said – but “…by their fruits ye shall know them.” Thank you for this excellent, insightful podcast.

  2. Thank you Darrell – Powerful and insightful!

    It would appear the tables have fully turned. We were raised to fear and dread Russia and to protect Christian America from that Evil Empire. Now Russia professes Christianity and is willing to fight to protect Christians in the middle east from the results of the destabilization that we seem to have caused. Meanwhile, American Christians complain against their Muslim leader and place their hope in a casino owner to save them.

  3. So what if russia ANNEXES israel and the entire middle east in the gog magog war and collectively converts the region to eastern orthodoxy OR ELSE! It would be the best thing to happen to that region and America. With the Chinese orthodox church rising and the REPUBLIC OF CHINA re established. The Sino Soviet orthodox church and Asia as a nation/continent. We finally see our fate.

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