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Darrell Castle was interviewed by David Tulis on Hot News Radio 1240 AM, Chattanooga, Tennessee, as the “Honorable Alternative” in the 2016 Presidential race.


  1. I was invited by a large High School in Albuquerque to represent the Constitution Party in a Q & A session with three sections of students (approximately 300) over the course of the day on Wednesday, October 12, 2016. There were five (5) Party representatives present: Democrat, Republican, Green, Party for Socialism & Liberation, and the Constitution Party. The Libertarian Party was invited, but no one showed up to represent them at the session. The students presented very strong positions on three issues: Racism, LGBT Rights, and Federal Government Benefits to the people. They had absolutely no interest in the Constitution, Debt, our money system, nor War. Anything they brought up in the discussion was tied to racism and/or White Supremacism. The audience of students was made up mostly of white kids, with maybe 10 % Hispanic, and I only saw about 4 or 5 black kids. Two of the kids stood up and asked questions like: “I am transgendered, if your Party is elected what are you going to do to protect me from violence ?” Most questions they asked pertained to what the government can give them free of any cost or effort on their part. The Party for Socialism & Liberation representatives were very emphatic about desiring a Constitution Amendment guaranteeing the people the “Rights” to a home, job, and medical care. The students applauded loud and long in support of that party. The funding for those “Rights” were going to come directly from the 1 % elites who control most of the wealth in this and all countries of the world. I could feel the communist indoctrination in full force in our so-called education system. I could also feel deeply the speech in the U. S. House of Representatives by Rep. John T. Wood of Idaho on October 18, 1951 when he warned us of “The Greatest Subversive Plot in History–Report to the American People on UNESCO.” About 15 years ago I found this speech in the Congressional Record and have been trying to expose the destruction of our education system to the people ever since. You can read this speech at:

    • Virginia Taylor

      October 19, 2016 at 3:27 am

      DARRELL CASTLE & his running mate SCOTT BRADLEY are the best qualified candidates for 2016. All Christians should be voting for DARRELL CASTLE for PRESIDENT. He has proven his metal. I will be voting for these candidates.

      • Yes Virginia, you are so right on the Castle/Bradley ticket, it is the ONLY way to vote this November ! All the other political parties are Democrat light or heavy, and that includes the Republicans ! They are owned and controlled by the same evil people !
        I have voted every election since 1964 (you had to be 21 to vote then) and I have heard all of the lies of hope and change I can stand. I bailed out of the major parties in the mid-1970s and was “non-partisan” for 32 years until I tried to support the candidacy of the constitutional candidate Ron Paul, but when the Republicans threw him under the bus in 2012 I realized that neither of those two parties could be fixed, so I registered with the Constitution Party in December 2012.

  2. I wish I had known about Darrell Castle running for President prior to Oct. 29, 2016. I have been disgusted with our political system and saddened by the complete disregard many politicians have toward our Constitution and God. I wish somehow we could get the word out about what you stand for prior to Nov. 8, 2016. God bless you for running for President!

  3. Daniela McBride

    October 29, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    I agree that Darell Castle is the best option. As Christians we need to stick to the truth and voting for someone who would pursue it. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith!

  4. I voted for Darrell Castle by absentee ballot. And I can sleep nights knowing that the outcome is in God’s hands. I decided that it was probably futile and even dishonest to try to “game the system” by voting for one of the other candidates hoping to defeat their opponent, but with no conviction of that person’s qualifications or “fitness to serve.” I heard all the arguments that we MUST vote against Hillary by voting for Trump in order to prevent her from packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices… But the last time I looked, the President can only nominate justices! It is still within the purview of the Senate to “advise and consent.” And only the Senate has the final say in SEATING A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE! In fact, they don’t even have to bring it up for a vote. This is exactly how the Senate has dealt with Obama’s recent nomination of Judge Garland to the Supreme Court. So this appears to be a fallacious argument and rings hollow to my way of thinking. Moreover, there is nothing written in stone requiring us to have NINE Supreme Court Justices… This can be changed by a vote in Congress and WAS changed in times past from the original number of six! Clearly the balance in the court can be and probably should be brought back into alignment by natural attrition… Therefore, having voted my conscience for a true patriot and a fine Christian gentleman, I am trusting the outcome to a Higher Power,

    • Not only that, but the justices argument that the two major candidates were talking about is fallacy at best. Even if we grant that we have to have nine on the bench, that means that the new President will nominate one. Just one. Whoever came up with this 4, possibly 5 nonsense–do they know what they are doing? They are playing God! Think about it. The justices are appointed for life. So, these candidates and their supporters were trying to gain support by saying that “3 or 4 will die over the next 4 years, so you need to elect me or the control of the bench will be gone for the next quarter century.”

      The election season was ugly. I made the only sane choice that I could make. I voted for Mr. Castle.

      • I think we all felt good about our choice in voting for Mr. Castle and we can be doubly thankful that the Republicans kept their majority in the Senate! Now, no matter who was elected President, the Republicans will still have the final say as to seating any future Supreme Court Justices. I also think the issue of term limits for members of Congress should extend to more limits on the President’s term! I would favor ONE and only one SIX YEAR term as set forth in the constitution adopted by the Confederate States of America! This self-flagellation that the country goes through every four years is absurd to say the least and harmful to the country as a whole. We tear ourselves apart and then expect the opposing forces to just ‘make nice’ when it’s over. The President will be lucky to get his 100 days of ‘good will’ before his so-called grace period expires and he must begin campaigning for a second term. Then, if re-elected and not irreparably damaged by the opposition and the media, he will spend his final four years issuing executive orders to circumvent Congress while trying to shore up his legacy… This is no way to run a country! Do the math; a president, when not on the golf course, is only working on the people’s business .03% of his total time in office.

  5. Thank you for running and providing Christians a true alternative! I voted for you this morning in North Carolina by write-in, knowing full well that my vote only “counted” before God. But I felt so good about it! May God show mercy on our broken, rebellious nation just a little while longer.

    • Amen on that Danielle ! I am so proud of what you did in North Carolina ! The Castle/Bradley ticket is on the ballot in my State of New Mexico and I proudly cast my vote this morning for the only real platform to support, and that is the Castle/Bradley ticket !

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