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Darrell Castle talks about being thankful even while difficult circumstances surround us.

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Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report.  Today is Friday, November 24, 2017, but more importantly today is the day after Thanksgiving, or what is commonly known as “Black Friday”.  The day after Thanksgiving has developed into a kind of holiday all its own as the retailers of America start the deep discount sales that begins the Christmas shopping season.

Now some stores have extended Black Friday to Thursday so Black Thanksgiving, I suppose.  These retailers are counting on the lust for discount shopping but I suspect they are also counting on the distant and fading American family.  We want to buy presents for each other at a discount, but we can’t stand each other’s presence for one day.

Don’t get caught in that trap. Black Friday if you must, but not Black Thanksgiving, please don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving even if they are giving stuff away. Let them keep their trinkets for one more day, perhaps just long enough for you to give thanks for your family.

The American family is in trouble right now, and showing signs of crumbling.  The destruction of the American family coincides with the rest of America’s crumbling values, such as the high divorce rate and the extremely high rate of illegitimacy, which also coincides with the high rates of incarceration.  Addiction is another difficult anti-family problem, which I will talk about in a minute.  What does all that have to do with shopping; perhaps nothing, but it is an indication of lack of respect for the family unit.

I said in the title of this report that sometimes it’s hard to be thankful, and that’s very true in our country and our world today.  To be thankful sometimes we have to remind ourselves of who we really are and what’s eventually in store for us.

On this short Thanksgiving Report, I want to mention one thing that is sweeping across America today, that makes it hard for some to be thankful.  Around the turn of the last century, or the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, America did not have the concept of illegal drugs.  Everything was legal, even heroin, and that drug was widely included in other formulas such as cough syrup, and elixirs designed to treat a myriad of ailments.  It was even included in baby tonics, to keep baby quiet and pain free.  It worked, but it created quite a few addicts, although quietly.

World War l came along with its trench warfare and exploding shells.  The wounded were often given heroin in its various forms, as a battlefield treatment for wounds and for pain.  The result was many addicted veterans of the war, often mutilated and physically disabled and in chronic pain.  The years between World War l and World War ll gave the country an opportunity to look at what had happened and heroin was banned.

During World War ll, wounded men were given a battlefield shot of morphine for the pain.  These men were supposed to be noted somehow so the doctor at the aid station did not give them more, but it was rarely done.  While recovering they got more morphine, and before long, thousands of new addicts.  This has continued on through the wars our country has fought and has gotten worse, not better.   I argue that the worsening addiction rate among veterans has been caused by two things.

Number one is increased effectiveness of battlefield treatment and early evacuation of causalities.  Wounds that would have been fatal in Vietnam were treatable in the desert wars.

The second thing was that, after 80 years on the banned list, heroin made a very legal come back by American corporations in the form of Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and especially fentanyl  patches.  These corporations were able to fund studies and spread enough money around to convince doctors that the new drugs were safe.  The drugs are basically a new form of heroin, more addictive and more expensive than the original.  The best thing about it is that it is all paid for by insurance or government programs in one way or another.  Yes just lick the patch or put a bit of it under your tongue and everything is OK, in fact, it’s better than OK, at least for a while, but then it’s a lot worse.  This addiction is a living hell that people are trapped in by the millions.

Combined with modern battlefield medicine, which allowed soldiers with horrible dismembering, and disfiguring wounds to live, and the new “pain killers” the result has been millions of addicted veterans.  For having fought the country’s wars, and left pieces of themselves all over the world, they deserve better.

Now it seems that everyone is on heroin.  Especially in rural areas of the country, all the country boys and girls who would not acquire the traditional heroin are addicted, thanks to the medical profession cooperating with the corporate world.

Now at last, various government entities are starting to react, especially at the state and local levels, and primarily because of the soaring cost of this epidemic.  If a doctor had written a prescription for heroin a few years ago, he would have been arrested, but for the new heroin, it’s perfectly OK.  So millions are addicted and out of productive society, including millions of veterans from our many wars.

Too bad, so sad I guess, but that doesn’t help the victims.

Finally folks, give thanks, despite the troubles that we face.  Give thanks with a grateful heart and you will find that there is plenty of room in there for gratitude.

Pray for those addicted, and pray that something is done to help them, and soon.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle’

Thanks for listening.


  1. It has occurred to me recently that I am thankful for my awareness of the importance of learning the principles of the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, or as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were meant to be understood. And I am also thankful for my awareness of the conspiracy to render the United States subservient to the planned globalist dictatorship.

  2. David Niggemeyer

    November 24, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Health Insurance has a monopoly in the marketplace and I enjoy the monthly premium-like direct physician care model that has mapped out so people can find a participating doctor who will take care of all your PCP needs for a reoccuring monthly fee that EVERYONE can participate in. For example, in Saginaw, MI doctor Kevin Hovind charges child-care @ $10/month (covers everything pcp) adults between $35 to $100/ month depending on age (includes senior citizens). This is something the Constitution Party in addition to catestrophic healthcare and Healthshares, such as Samaritan Ministries and LibertyShare should officially support. As a medical biller intern I’m learning fast that office managers push to fill so called “gaps” in treatment so they can receive bonuses from insurance companies and patients are pressured to receive screenings and treatments they don’t want or need. Secrets are kept from the doctor and the doctor spends less than 5 minutes with each patient. It’s high pressure sales if you ask me.

    • That message was what we need. Great message. Instead of one day a year; Let’s turn Thanks-giving, into Thanks-living. Everyday seek reasons to be grateful and our perspective could improve as a nation. We live in a free country. I hope for the day when we find freedom from chemicals, and the need to take them. Counting reasons to be grateful is a way to find that we don’t need those drugs. . . I hope. May God help us with our efforts.

      Thanks Mr. Castle for your focus on the Constitution, and clear thought.

    • That DPC Frontier is a cool link, thanks for posting that.

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