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Republicans are Royalists


Darrell Castle talks about why despite Senate and House gains led by Conservatives, Republican Presidential nominees are never conservative.

SPECIAL: Year in Review on Home Front With Cynthia Davis


Darrell Castle was the featured guest on this week’s “Year in Review” episode of Home Front, hosted by four term Missouri State Representative, Cynthia Davis. Darrell and Cynthia discussed some of the worst and best of the history changing events of 2014 and what we can expect in the coming year. They also talk about what could be done to correct the troubles that America faces.

Hillary Clinton – Presumptive Favorite


Darrell Castle talks about Hillary Clinton, a presumed Presidential candidate.

Politicians Are Running For The Exits


Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the release of five terrorists in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl and how politicians are desperate to distance themselves from the President.

Your Children As Terrorists


Darrell Castle talks about a recent speech by the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, Lisa Monaco.

Hero or Villain


Darrell Castle talks about the man who saved Paris from destruction during WWII and wonders if we could do similar things today.

False Flags


Darrell Castle talks about a false flag operation in Turkey and whether honest people belong in politics.

Why Russians Love Vladimir Putin


Darrell Castle explains why Russians love Vladimir Putin and why they fear NATO.

How The Republic Became a Monarchy – Part 4


In the final podcast of this series, Darrell Castle shares thought-provoking questions regarding the results of Woodrow Wilson’s engineering the peace to “make the world safe for democracy”.

How The Republic Became a Monarchy


Darrell Castle talks about how the U. S. power structure was fundamentally altered to allow the end of our republican form of government.

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