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Why the U.S. Must Leave the U.N.


Darrell Castle gives his reasons why he believes the United States must immediately withdraw from the United Nations.

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Puerto Rico’s Debt What Should Be Done About It?


Darrell Castle talks about Puerto Rico and the effects of its un-payable debt and he offers a solution.

Destruction of Western Civilization: The President’s Gun Speech


Darrell Castle discusses the President’s gun speech as part of the continued destruction of The Rule Of Law and of Western Civilization in general.

Incompetence In High Places


Darrell Castle talks about incompetence in high places as millions of personnel records of federal employees were apparently stolen by Chinese hackers and its devastating effects.

Food Assistance – Success or Failure


Darrell Castle talks about a recent Government Accounting Office (GAO) report on federal food assistance and asks whether it reflects success or failure.

Is Western Civilization Worth Saving?


Darrell Castle talks about how the attacks on culture, family and religion are destroying 800 years of Western Civilization.

The Internet and the FCC


Darrell talks about the decision of the FCC to regulate and control the internet.

American Leadership and Moral Equivalence


Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s message at the National Prayer Breakfast and what it means for American Leadership.

SPECIAL EDITION: State of the Union Analysis by Darrell Castle & Cynthia Davis


Cynthia Davis discusses the President’s State of the Union speech with Darrell Castle, the 2008 Constitution Party Vice Presidential candidate.

2015 State of The Union


Darrell Castle discusses President Obama’s State of The Union speech given January 20, 2015.

“I’m not listening to the mid-term elections. My program of government expansion and management of every aspect of your lives, of spending to the point of bankruptcy, of taxing to the point of penury, of invitation to more and more illegal immigrants – my program of all these things works! In fact, I’m going to expand it, and there’s nothing you Republicans can do about it, although I hope you join me in it.”

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