Darrell Castle talks about President Trump’s broken promises and the tragedy of what could have been.

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Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday, September 22, 2017, and on today’s Report, I will be talking about promises made and promises broken, and what might have been from President Donald Trump.   President Trump campaigned on a promise that he would end DACA on his first day in office, but 8 months later he makes a feeble attempt but then reneges.

Last week I said that he sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions out to announce that he was going to issue an order withdrawing President Obama’s executive order establishing DACA, but then the President invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to the Whitehouse for dinner.  Ms. Pelosi issued a statement summarizing the discussions and stated that there would be legislation re-establishing DACA by law, which the President had agreed to sign.  There would be serious discussion about border security “less the wall.”

The Whitehouse Press Secretary said that, yes, border security was discussed, but no discussion about not building a wall, there was no agreement about that.  That would make Nancy Pelosi either an idiot or a public liar.  That’s possible but highly unlikely.  No, folks, it sure sounds like the promise which first got him noticed in the polls,  i.e., “I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”, has been abandoned.

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told a group of Republicans that “only one person wants a wall”.  Well, Mr. Ryan, I beg to differ because 63 million Americans voted for that wall, but hey, who cares about them.  Everyone in Washington not only wants no wall, they want amnesty.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, along with all Democrats,  want it.  Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all the liberal Republicans, want it.  The tech company billionaires in Silicon Valley want it, and it looks like they will have it because the only ones who don’t want it are the ones with no power and no influence.  Tens of millions of tax paying Americans don’t want it, but they do not count.

So no repeal of DACA, and no wall, along with the destruction of the Republican Governors’ lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of DACA , those are what President Trump has delivered instead of fulfilling his promises to the voters.  This President likes the deal.  He is the consummate deal maker and he likes the deal more than the Constitution and the rule of law.  He worked out a deal with the Democrats and they got everything they wanted, but what did we get?  I just don’t see the quid pro quo.

It is a very sad reminder of what could have been.  This is what happens when you elect someone with no ideological motivation.  He had the power to withdraw President Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order on his first day as he said he would, but he chose not to.  What a message that would have sent around the world, but instead, he chose to send a message of betrayal.

I remember President Reagan’s amnesty bill in 1986, which was supposed to be the last one, and was supposed to include border security.  What amnesty did instead was to deliver California to the Democrats forever.  That’s not enough for the Democrats though, they want the entire country forever.

This all brings two questions to mind; what is the value of citizenship, and what is the value of coming to America legally?  American citizenship has always been the golden prize, the brass ring that millions around the world desired, but was obtainable by only a few.  Five cities in Maryland have now passed laws making it legal for non citizens to vote. In Philadelphia, a city Councilman recently stated that hundreds of non citizens vote there.  So once again, what’s the point of legality?  Perhaps America is now a “failed state”.  I looked “failed state” up in the dictionary and it said “a state that deteriorates to where conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer exist”.  America is close folks, if not there already.

This entire episode is a tragic betrayal and Donald Trump deserves to be hounded at every turn about it.  These things often come down to who screams the loudest, and everyone who voted for Donald Trump should be screaming at the top of his lungs.

Yes, it’s terrible, and if that were all it would be plenty, but it gets worse folks.

You may recall that I’ve mentioned a couple of times that the debt ceiling has to be raised by the end of the fiscal year, which is this month.  The debt ceiling has been extended, not raised, just extended through the end of the year, and then Congress will have to deal with it again.  Right now the official U.S. Government debt is 20.2 trillion, but what does all this have to do with Donald Trump, the man who campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility, defense of the value of the dollar, and putting ordinary Americans back to work?  Donald Trump has proposed that the debt ceiling be permanently and totally abolished.

Let me take a moment and tell you what the debt ceiling is and where it came from.  When the Federal Reserve Act was presented to Congress in 1913, there were a few members who had some economic intelligence, along with a bit of integrity.  These people recognized the potential of the Federal Reserve to enslave the nation to the world banking cartel so they objected.  The bankers said oh no, you don’t have to worry about debt because we’ll put a rule in the act that prevents the government from buying Fed paper.  In other words, the government would be prevented from borrowing from itself and could only borrow from legitimate lenders at market rates.

In 1917, the United States entered World War One and was desperate for money to fund the war efforts of itself, and the allies.  The rule against buying Fed paper was lifted, temporarily of course, and the government began to lend to itself.  The temporary rule was never changed and now the U.S. government owes 20.2 trillion, that it admits to.  In addition, after World War Two, at the Breton Woods Conference, the United States dollar became the world’s reserve currency and the Federal Reserve had the power to set interest rates, so the U.S. government did not borrow at market rates but at whatever rate it set.

Lifting the debt ceiling permanently would send the message to other nations and other lenders very clearly the U.S. government will never be able or willing to pay this debt back.  It has no intention of doing so, and it must keep borrowing from you to pay you the interest it owes.  If you refuse to lend, it must borrow from itself, which will crash the dollar’s value and probably end its reserve status.  Recession will then take hold with a worse economy to follow.

Everybody knows the President of the United States is Emperor of the World.  That’s why the world takes such an interest and so willing to stick its nose in American business.  The useless Teresa May of Great Britain, and the destroyer of Germany, Angela Merkel, both feel free to criticize the American President anytime because they know he is emperor whether they like it or not.  They know it but they also resent him for it.  Just as in Rome 2000 years ago, people wanted Rome’s power broken so they could be out from under its yoke of authority.  Little did they know that the breaking of Rome’s power would usher in a dark age that would last over a thousand years.  That’s the danger we face today as well—at least a similar one.

Finally folks;

Who is this man Donald Trump? — This man who so casually brushes off the promises made to 63 million who voted for him?  Perhaps he is just a tragic figure that will never fulfill his potential, and who settled for becoming a pawn of the deep state.  Time will tell.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


  1. Please keep speaking and sharing the truth because truth and character matters.
    Truth shines a light and exposes the emptiness of the lies that flow so easily from the mouths of politicians.

  2. It really saddens me to see the destructive of USA.We have a republic if you can keep it. Not feeling very hopeful at this moment.ty sir for your opinion of which I agree.

  3. Trump, like Hillary, like practically the whole congress, whole “supreme” court, is just another Rothschild prostitute, owned by their City of London. This country is now a Rothschild owned police state. How can you get any more “failed” than that?
    Do some real study on the so-called “dark ages.” The regular American citizen would be only too happy to have a life style anywhere close to those of the “poor” serfs of those “dark” ages. It takes a different kind of life for people to build by hand all those beautiful cathedrals which we could not reproduce today with all our machinery. And they built them in their spare time free of charge as an offer of beauty to God. You need to get away from the historical lies of protestant England.

  4. Mr. Castle, I’m a big supporter, gave to your campaign and voted for you in the General. But let’s be fair to our president as he’s fighting the establishment, Congressional leadership, MSM, deep state, globalists, Obama, Clinton, BLM, Antifa fascist, Hollywood, Never Trumpers, neocons, McMaster, Kelly, Soros and academia. He has gotten a lot accomplished: stock market is the highest ever, companies returning or staying in the US, lowest unemployment in 15 years, repeal of tyrannical regulations, restoring religious freedom, speaking about sovereignty at the UN, got us out of TTP and the Paris agreement, deportation of illegal alien criminals, 4000 arrests of pedophiles, illegal immigration is down by 60%, and the wall has already begun construction. Regarding DACA as he said during the campaign, he wants to find a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers who’ve graduated from college, haven’t committed any crimes, contributing to society and have been here for many, many years. MSM etc of course distort and forget exactly what he’s said. Sen. Ron Paul is working with POTUS to get a true Obamacare repeal and replace bill, not my RINO, globalist, Soros puppet senator Lindsay Graham. We South Carolinians will do everything in our power to oust him. Trump is surrounded by swamp creatures and he must fire them, namely General and alcoholic McMaster and Chief of Staff General Kelly. They are cutting him off from the alternative media and publically criticizing the man whom they are to serve at his pleasure.

  5. Thanks and God’s blessings to you Mr. Castle.
    I am pro-life and pro-Constitution, so I really enjoy hearing those aspects of your perspectives. I am also one who two years ago identified as male but now female. Most “conservatives” would therefore shun me.
    What about you, Mr. Castle? Where do you stand with LGBT in the military? I don’t want us paying for surgery that wouldn’t otherwise be necessary.
    We shouldn’t be selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia and Viet Nam. We need to confront China about their fake island in the South China Sea.
    What are we doing to prepare for an EMP strike?
    That’s a lot to throw at you. I don’t expect you to have all the answers.
    God guide and bless you.

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