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North Korea – Nuclear Threat or Just Bad People


Darrell Castle talks about the crisis with North Korea and poses the question – Is North Korea a legitimate nuclear threat to the United States that must be attacked and destroyed militarily?


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Jade Helm – What Exactly Is It?


Darrell Castle talks about the upcoming military exercises known as “Jade Helm” that will be conducted across nine states and asks “What is going on here?”

The Third Offset Strategy


Darrell Castle talks about a U.S. Defense Department plan to use advances in technology to offset the growing vulnerability of U.S. forces.

Obama’s Syrian Coalition


Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s coalition to attack ISIS in Syria.

The Rift Between The President and His Generals


Darrell Castle discusses the growing rift between President Obama and his Commanding Generals.

The World Does Not Read History


Darrell Castle talks about how today’s events point to another big war much as they have in the past.

Only One Percent Can Serve


Darrell Castle talks about recruiting standards for the United States military.

Treason More Than Honor


Darrell Castle talks about an open letter from a veteran concerning the release of Bowe Bergdahl.

Iraqi Puzzle


Darrell Castle talks about Iran joining with the United States to resist the ISIS invasion of Iraq.

Politicians Are Running For The Exits


Darrell Castle continues his discussion of the release of five terrorists in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl and how politicians are desperate to distance themselves from the President.

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